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70 Shorts Funny Motivational Quotes to start the day 2022

If you don’t want to bore your child, friend or anyone else with your serious and boring advices then go for Funny Motivational Quotes and Wishes. These Quotes are funny yet they offer Motivation as they have double impact; funny as well as they have lessons in them. Thus these can nurture your recipient’s mind with good and refreshing thoughts which will help them to grow as a confident and positive person.

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Funny Success Motivational Quotes

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Funny Motivational Quotes For Students

Funny Motivational Quotes For Work

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Especially in case of your child, these Funny Motivational Quotes and Wishes can develop a friendly relationship between you and your child and this will be a deadly combination of fun and motivation. Teachers can also use these Quotes in schools for their students and they will definitely enjoy them. These Quotes, in a positive and playful manner, will make them motivated and act as a pushing force for them to work hard to achieve their targets and goals that they have set for themselves. So, in this way you can encourage and motivate them to get good grades and improve their performance in school without making them feel pressurized or stressed.

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Funny Motivational Quotes and Wishes could be personalized or written by the great personalities and are available on many sites. You can choose the best ones to send to your dear and loved ones by bringing a smile on their face in the time of distress or pressure and motivate them to apply these Quotes to bring a positive change in their lives.