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Being ignored is probably the most frustrating and annoying thing ever!

Feeling rejected after someone reads your message on Facebook and doesn’t have the manners to reply?!

Sometimes ignoring you is the best way to protect my feelings…


Hate being ignored by someone I want attention from…

To be honest, I feel like shit when you ignore me.

Thinking you are forgotten is one thing…but knowing that you are is another.

Having a sarcastic conversation with yourself when people are ignoring you.

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Someone begs for my attention but you go on ignoring me, one day I will get over you, man.

There are times when I want to be ignored, like when I am crying so hard that it rains too.

Do not let yourself be disregarded, make a mark in this world and reason out for yourself.

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I hate when my friends leave me just because they got into a relationship

Sometimes I just feel that I was not more than a napkin that was used by others.

I always hit ‘Ignore Call’ with my middle finger.

I’m so talented. I can listen to music and ignore you at the same time.


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Being ignored makes you feel invisible. Like you’re worthless. But you’re not. You’re just that person that needs to scream your name in your own way. If people ignore you then they obviously don’t know what they are missing out on. A precious living creature. That is what you are and you are to be treated no less than others.


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