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Anger is a feeling, an emotion or an expression. Anger shows the hatred of a man that how much a man has hatred in him. Anger is shown in different moments in life. For example when something is not going as you have planed than you show the expressions of anger. Anger is very dangerous for the health or overall character of a person. Anger in very bad it bounds us to do something unusual or something that we shouldn’t have done. Anger made us do bad decisions. Anger Quote Gandhi Anger Quotes Anger Quote Saying Anger Quotes Gandhi

Anger makes us our live uncomfortable and hard. We cannot find peace in anger. Anger should be avoided in every scenario given. Mostly we use the term anger for parents and teachers only because mostly the express this term overall in our lives. Teachers give us home work or assignments we don’t complete it or show it to our teacher. Also when we don’t complete the expectations of our parents. For example our parents want very good positive result from us and we disappoint them by failing in exams them they show us much more anger that can’t be bearded easily. They hate us the most in those moments. Anger Quotes Sayings

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Best Anger Quote Quotes About Anger Quotes On Anger Best Anger QuotesThe only thing we can do in those moments is to avoid such situations for not getting hurt. The term anger is also used by the lovers. When the one don’t show love to other one the only reaction they give in such situation is anger. Anger is very unhealthy for a person. One should avoid anger. It can destroy very precious relations within the minutes. The relations that takes almost all life, gets destroyed within the seconds because of anger. Anger is very bad. Anger increases hate in a person. Angers make us do bad decisions for us over selves or the others. Anger can destroy ones carries and whole life.

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People mostly do suicide in the angrily situations which is very bad. This should not happen. Instead we should spread love with each another and spread love to others. Love is the opposite of hate the only thing that can destroy hate is love so we should only focus on love and love is everything. Loves give us happiness. Anger gives us hate and sadness. Anger gives us depression and makes us physic which is so much worse. Anger is a negative activity which should be avoided in every scenario.