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Eminem Quotes

Eminem Quotes

Eminem biggest name in the history of English rap. Eminem is the most famous rapper ever. Eminem is especially famous for his fast raps. Eminem can rap at very high speed. A normal person can’t understand what Eminem is saying in his verse. His rapes are unique and so much good. As you can see by yourself just by visiting his YouTube channel. You can see there how much his YouTube channel has grown. He got a most beautiful fan base ever. He also made raps about their fans to show them how much he loves them and how much he respects them.

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Eminem is also known as a retard for some reason because mostly he shows that middle finger signs in his songs or picture. As we know all this came from his famous verse “Fuck the whole universe”. Maybe it’s all coming from that side but I don’t have an exact clue about it. But all this never ever affect Eminem. Eminem do whatever he wants and whatever he likes. He doesn’t like someone disrespect him. Eminem is a very strong and aggressive rapper. No one can compete him now days. He is very off the chart. His rapes are very popular even from the 90s.

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He is friends with many other famous personalities like 2pac or snoop dog. Recently Eminem even made a rap for the Marvel movie venom and it was brilliant off the chart very unique and awesome. It was loved very much in the community. Some people disliked it but mostly like it. Recently there was also a diss rap competition between MGk kellly the machine gun and Eminem. It went very popular all over the world. The MGK Kelly the machine gun made a diss about Eminem and it was very good. Everything he said in his rap was true and hits hard to Eminem. Well, Eminem couldn’t stay calm about this.

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About after a week ago he also made this about MGK and that destroyed MGK  very well. It was very brilliant off the chart. it destroyed the carrier of MGK kelly the machine gun. Eminem showed him that he is still alive in the industry and he cants disrespect him that easily he should keep in mind that what is he saying about him and he should be careful about the words that he uses in his raps about him.