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Romantic Rainy Day Quotes

Rain is such a blessing of God that can neither be paid full. Rainy weather is so very cheerful, pleasant, hope full, peaceful, calm full and enjoyable for every one of every age, not only human being’s but also animals enjoyed it fully. All of us fall in love this weather. whenever it’s rainfall, in Winters or Summers, in Autumn’s or Spring’s. Rainy weather changes the mood of anger and refreshes the mind of people. It warms the heart of lover’s. It brings Joy’s for children.

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It brings hope’s to framers. It also brings madness for animals. The peacock start dancing, the frogs come out of water and start jumping, the birds chirping on their tress, hence the entire creations of the world engulfed in enjoining the lovely rainy weather. Many people goes outside to enjoy rainy weather. Some enjoys while sitting at home and take a tea, coffee or pan cakes and made delicious food, that is more enjoyable in rainy days than other days.

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Rain is so very cheerful for lover’s. It enthuses their feelings of love and gives a romantic atmosphere. Rain is so much joy able for children. They go outside in the rain and get moistened. Rain becomes a source of drink for many animals and people too. It becomes a source of happiness and a good craving for farmers.
It gives a cherish look to the nature. The atmosphere seems more charming, delightful, peaceful, calm and pleasant, after it rainfall.

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Rain is so very important for the survival without it life is impossible. When there is no rain, the land deprives it’s natural beauty, the dam’s and ocean’s , the lake’s and river’s becomes wither. The life of the living thing be in danger.
So the rain is so much essential. The rainy weather is not only cheerful but also brings happiness on every one’s face. We should be thank full to God, having this beautiful weather.