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  1. Once, as a child, I asked my grandfather how should I be searching for that one woman in life. He thought for a bit (my seriousness amused him) and said, without a hint of a smile, realizing the importance of sharing experiences between generations: “You need to ask yourself three questions. First: is she kind? You see, boy, evil people are like poison, you won’t die but you will be tormented all your life.

Long Love Quotes For Her

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Female anger is a strong force, it knows no bounds. The next question … Do you want her to become the mother of your children? Always remember that you won’t truly understand the joy of being a father until you become one, thus, you should not entrust your children to an unworthy woman. And finally: can I grow old next to her, not hesitating to show my own weakness? If a man leaves this world before a woman, she must remember you as you were, as the man she loved, not as an old man that is sick. If you can honestly answer “yes” to all of these questions without hesitation – propose to her, go for it!

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  1. If love is understood as meeting two souls – not just a sexual, biological meeting of male and female hormones – then this sense of love will elevate you, give you great insights into life. And then for the first time lovers can be perfect friends. Sex is a natural flow of vital energy and its lowest form use. Sex is natural, for life is impossible without it. It is the lowest because it is primal, it’s not deep. When sex replaces everything, life is not worth living. Imagine that you are constantly laying the foundation, but the building for which this foundation is intended will never come to be.
  2. Only when you give yourself to love, you show that you love, only when you give your life – you show that you live. Happiness comes from a sense of self-worth. Do you want to be a happy person – do not look back. Make life around you beautiful. And let each person feel that a meeting with you is a blessing.
  3. Love is the ocean, I am slowly exploring its shore, gaining the courage to enter and sail it. I want to swing on the waves, I want them to lead me. Do not rush into the ocean alone, do not move away from me. If you fall off, I will rush you to your help. And perhaps I will drown before I do. Or stay on the shore, sit and wait for your return – I do not know. But be sure: if you wait for me, if we prepare our trip, then we will sail together.

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  1. It often seems to a lover, rather out of pride than out of stupidity, that the force that strives them forward is unique and inexhaustible, that it is granted to them by fate, that it is their destiny. But fate does not care about beauty, love, feelings. Fate polishes the time, not knowing about the feelings.
  2. Love is like a flower scent. It does not create a relationship; it does not require you to be this or that, to behave in a certain way, to act in a certain way. It does not require anything. It just shares.
  3. A man suffers from a large inferiority complex because he cannot give birth to a child. This is one of the deepest unconscious inferiorities in a man. He knows that a woman is superior because in life there can be nothing more sacred than the birth of life.
  4. Love is harmony. People love not only the body of each other but their whole being, their very presence. In love, a partner is not used as a means of relieving tension. You love a person themselves. The same goes for you, you are not just a property, you are the greatest of gifts, the most sacred of blessings.

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  1. Love is the most powerful healing power in the world. Nothing can penetrate the soul as deep as Love – it cures not only the body, not only the mind but also the soul. If a person is able to love, all his wounds will be healed…
  2. Love can convince you of one thing, and convince the other person of something else. Time heals all the wounds and now you see everything in a different light: what used to seem faint-hearted is now presented as courage, the truth is seen as a lie, the victim is the executioner, and vice versa.

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