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50+ Best Short Quotes About Success Life and Happiness 2022

Life doesn’t always go smooth, it has its ups and downs and once we learn to pass through these difficulties, we learn what life is all about. Short Quotes about Life has been penned by a majority of writers, philosophers and other great personalities and these quotes are of great significance and impact for a person to lead his life.

Short Quotes about Life are the simple and concise one line quotes can be life changing as these Quotes contains inspirational and motivational messages inside them like that of hope, success and happiness etc. Each one of us is running behind money, respect, success and fame so these quotes can help us make our life simple by leaving the complicated things behind and bringing smile on our faces by changing our thought pattern about life by wiping away the negativity and lingering over positive thoughts in our mind.

Although wisdom comes with experience but still learning from the Quotes and experience of famous authors about Life, who have walked this planet before us and are more experienced than us about the matters of life can help us acquire wisdom in a matter of minutes. These quotes can make our lives enlightened and bring us from darkness to light, from failure to success and from hopelessness to hope. You can always refer to these quotes to get valuable suggestions from them on how you should deal with the ups and downs of your life as Short Quotes about Life in a line or two contains the pearls of wisdom and knowledge in them.